empowering service
providers to increase their
customers’ quality-of-life

empowering service providers
to increase their customers’

users' expectations are constantly changing

understand and engage your customer

tighten user relationships on a personal level

prevent churn and reduce loyalty costs

deeply understand customers’ needs and their quality-of-life development

identify and monetize most beneficial partial services

pushing agile transformation processes through data driven decisions

predict the risk impact of social trends on the core business

we support service providers to redefine
their user relationships

churn management
as a service

our real-time risk factor model on potential user churn is based on aggregated full consent user data – giving the possibility to enhance users’ loyalty by data driven decision making

quality-of-life competence center

reach your ESG and CSR goals by accessing our strong network including business and research partners as well as experts from the areas of governance, risk, compliance, legal, ai, data science and consulting

superlogin: the retention engine

coming soon: by simplifying user login processes, we help retailers improve their retention management – with privacy by design



increasing the quality-of-life of
your users is the key to loyal
relationships and sustainable growth​

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